Why buy an Instant?

We believe that Instant Language Guides are the best foreign language phrasebooks you can buy, bar none. Instants make speaking abroad quick, easy and fun.

That’s a bold claim so let us back it up.

Why an Instant Language Guide is the best way to speak the language

Of course Instants have got all the basics you’d expect from a phrasebook:

  • coverage of likely situations for both business and pleasure
  • accurate language and common usage
  • intuitive layout and design
  • pocket-friendly size
  • a great price

What’s more, our newer editions, currently Instant French, Instant Spanish, Instant Norwegian and Instant Dutch, all have dictionaries.

All those things are great but you can find some or all of them elsewhere. These are some of the things that in our opinion make Instants the best:

  • situational format: we give you not only the questions you want to ask but, crucially, the answers you’re likely to hear
  • pictures: our highly visual design, like cartoons without the jokes (mostly), makes our books easy to use and the right page easy to find
  • carefully designed grammar guides: just enough for what you’re most likely to need and no more
  • fun: our books are enjoyable to use so you’re more inclined to use them
  • pronunciation guide: our fabulous phonetic pronunciation system makes even the most forbidding word manageable by breaking it down into easy sounds

Awesome! But why bother to speak the language at all?

Going abroad is all about experiencing new cultures, meeting different people, enjoying the sights and sounds and tastes and smells. But where the local language isn’t English, communications can sometimes be a problem.

Speaking a few words of the native tongue can get you great results for loads of reasons, including the following:

  • understand more: experience more of the culture and enjoy a better grasp of what’s going on around you
  • go off the beaten track: get out of the tourist traps with the confidence that you’ll be able to make yourself understood
  • make yourself less vulnerable: speaking the lingo will often get you better service and reduce your chances of being ripped off
  • it’s fun and rewarding: you made a series of alien sounds but the other person understood you. How cool is that?!
  • not every foreigner speaks English: if you get into a tight spot, the last thing you want is to be unable to get help

All this plus the fact that if you find a new copies of our books cheaper elsewhere online, we’ll match the price. Wow. So what next? Perhaps check out our individual titles or order now.

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