Why should I bother trying to speak Foreign, don’t they all speak English anyway?

It’s true that many people you’ll meet abroad will speak at least a few words of English, but here are a few reasons we think it’s worth making the effort:

  • You get a much better feel for a place if you can understand some of what’s going on around you
  • There’s less chance of accidentally ordering sheep’s testicles in a restaurant.
  • All those foreigners will be mightily impressed at how intelligent and cultured you are, especially compared to other Brits abroad who think speaking Foreign simply involves speaking English loudly with lots of pointing. Besides, studies have shown that speaking even a few words of Foreign makes you up to 18% more attractive to the opposite sex.*
  • They don’t all speak English, and it’s going to take a lot of pointing to tell the waiter you’ve got a nut allergy or the mechanic that you’ve got a broken clutch.
*Source: Doubtful Statistics Yearbook, 1976.

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