About Us

Dot Publications is a family business. Dot Pubs (as we call it around here) is run by Dorothy Thomas (the big cheese), who co-authored all the books in the series. Richard Thomas (smaller cheese, but more pungent) helps her out with the online stuff, but we suspect he might be bluffing his way a bit. If anything looks funny around here, it’s probably his fault and he’s very sorry.

We publish our own Instant Language Guides range which developed out of Dorothy’s experiences teaching adults and in response to their need to say things quickly, including on topics they hadn’t yet studied.

So if you’re looking for a phrase book in an innovative, proven format you’ve come to the right place. Instant language guides are a bit like cartoons without the jokes, although some of the pictures are mildly amusing. We’re really proud of them, which is why you’ll see so many images from them on the website.

We love to hear from you so swing by the contact us page if you’d like to drop us a line.

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